Authentic Belgian & delicious waffle fries & Irresistible light and crispy

Absolute best traditional Belgian waffle mix.

Authentic Belgian waffles.

Freshly baked on the spot.

Waffle Fries

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Three treasures from Belgium: Brussel waffle dough in the shape of Belgian fries, covered by Belgian chocolate.

They are Airy, fluffy and light on the inside, they’re browned to a buttery crisp on the outside, with just enough sweetness & crunch to please every palette. Served warm.

Take away Trioletti


Take away

Served in a cornet shaped package, topped with powder sugar and/or original Belgian chocolate sauce (8 pieces in one package)

Table served Trioletti

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Trioletti Classic: Trioletti with powder sugar and chocolate sauce.

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Trioletti Strawberry: Trioletti served with whipped cream and strawberries

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Trioletti Fruits: Trioletti served with seasonal fruits

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Trioletti Mikado: Trioletti served with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce